Eastman Kodak #6

The museum was fortunate to obtain a donation of this historic locomotive from the Eastman Kodak Company. EK 6 was purchased new in 1946 by Kodak and it had the distinction of being the first diesel locomotive to operate on the Kodak Park Railroad. It retains its original as delivered colors and has been repainted and lettered by museum members and volunteers. Soon it will see its second repaint by museum volunteers. The EK 6 weighs 80 tons and has a GE Builders # of 28477. This center cab locomotive is powered by 2 Cummins L-6-1 diesel engines which deliver its total horsepower of 500hp.

During the late 1970's the unit saw less and less service and was placed on standby shortly prior to its donation to the Chapter in 1981. EK6 was delivered by our Chapter members and Conrail pilots under its own power as it operated via the Conrail Belt Line, Conrail Main Line to Chili Junction, West Shore to Mortimer, and then to our Depot in August 1981.

EK6 is operational and powers museum service, even though one of its two prime movers has a broken crank shaft.

Technical Data

  • General Electric 80-ton industrial switcher
  • Builder #28477
  • Built 1946
  • 500 hp from 2 Cummins L1-600 diesel engines

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