Pennsylvania #477822

Through the 1940s railroads looked to replace wooden-bodied cabooses with steel. In 1942, the Pennsylvania Railroad built 169 cars in its class N5c. The dimensions are similar to the N5b, featuring a centered cupola. What makes the N5c unique is the "streamlined" angled cupola and the paired porthole windows at the ends. These features made this particular class stand out from the more conventional squared-off designs used on other railroads. These unique cars would go on to serve successors Penn Central and Conrail for many years.

As cabooses were phased out in the 1980s, many were placed in storage awaiting scrapping. Since the Pennsy served Rochester, a suitable representative was sought for preservation. In 1996, #477822 arrived at the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum at Industry, where it is currently undergoing a multi-year rebuilding and restoration.

Technical Data

  • Class N5c Caboose
  • Built 1942 as PRR 477822
  • Penn Central 23145 - 1968
  • Conrail 23145 - 1976
  • Acquired by R&GVRRM in 1996